What is Milestone ?

Milestone – Mobile Dispatcher

MILESTONE is a Mobile app which enables your driver to execute your deliveries. It is a State of Art Mobile app tool which connects with the main back-end Web Application by providing full track and traceability of your shipment. With very marginal profits every Logistics company should leverage the use of Technology and drive productivity with full visibility and control.
MILESTONE seamlessly integrates with any external system and can also work stand-alone without any dependencies.

Driver Mobile app enables the driver to “Accept Job” which is assigned to him. Driver can perform his event action which sends the information with time stamp to the back-end system.
Dispatcher module assigns the Job for every driver by uploading daily dispatch details. The Dispatcher dashboard can see the Real-Time visibility of the every order and monitor every trip & driver.
Real – Time tracking enables your customer to Login to the system using a mobile app or web browser and track every movement of their shipment with the estimated time of arrival.

Live Time stamping of all Events during Delivery

Trip Start

Start of Every Trip the driver Press “Start Trip” which sends the real time of this event.

Scan Barcode / Capture Image

Header level Barcode or Line items level barcode can be scanned for confirmation of delivery and Pictures can be captured.


Press of the button “Load” and it sends the real time of Loading.

Check in

If any discrepancy in Location, driver can “Check in” the actual location and it updates the master in the main system.


On reaching the location with a given Radius, Reached Button is enable and this event is captured.

POD Signature

Proof of Delivery Signature (POD) is captured by letting the customer Sign on Glass of the Mobile device.


Press of the button “UnLoad” and it sends the real time of Unloading.


Driver can use this function to Navigate to the delivery location and it also estimates the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Available with Customer Tracking Web Application & Customer Tracking Mobile App for regular and E-Commerce customers

Customer Track and Trace

Customer can track their goods by Customer id or Delivery Order # (DO #) or Tracking # or Product #Your Customer can enjoy the benefit of seeing Live streaming data of their Product movement until delivery.

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