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What is Milestone?
MILESTONE is a Mobile app which enables your driver to execute your deliveries. It is a State of Art Mobile app tool which connects with the main back-end Web Application by providing full track and traceability of your shipment. With very marginal profits every Logistics company should leverage the use of Technology and drive productivity with full visibility and control.
What are the versions of Milestone?
 Please see our System & Versions page
How Does Milestone work?
To start with, the Back end dispatcher module (Web application) can schedule jobs for every trip and assign a driver for each trip. Once the driver logs into his Mobile app, only his jobs will be visible for him. He has the option of “Accept” “Reject” (In case of break down or Sickness) “Pause” (Pausing a Trip for Food break or over night stay).

Once the driver accepts his job, then he will have to “Start Trip”, do the “Loading”,  “Reached” the location, “Unload” the goods, “E Sign” Get signature of delivery confirmation, “Upload Image” can upload any image related to the delivery, “Scan Bar-code” if required and finally “Finished Job” is pressed by the driver to complete.

The Back end dispatcher module can see live data of the every Milestone mentioned above.

Customer can track their goods by keying in their Job number or customer id or tracking number. Customer can log into the same web application by their user credentials and they will have their separate view of their Jobs only.
Customer will have option of using the tracking on Web Application or a Mobile App.

How we assign the Job for the driver?
 The back end Dispatcher module has provision to Key in Job manually or Upload an excel file or Integrate with your existing Software. Once the Jobs are keyed in and the back end dispatcher from your office and the dispatcher can assign a driver for each trip. Every driver will have an id which is mapped to his login credentials. Once the driver log in then his particular jobs will be displayed in his Mobile app.
What is the format of the Excel file?
 The Excel file can be configured by you in the settings of the dispatcher module. There are totally 42 fields and you can select all the necessary fields you wanted to display for your driver. After selecting, once you save it then this becomes your standard Excel upload format.
Can I change my Excel Format later?
Yes, Anytime you can go to the settings in the dispatcher module and change your format. System just required 8 mandatory fields which are marked * .
What all my back office can monitor?

Vehicle / Driver Tracking
Track your vehicle’s current location on the map along with speed and estimate time of arrival.

All Vehicle Visibility
Monitor all your vehicles on a single map or can track one by one also.

Monitor Issues and Violations
Loading/Unloading time can be set and any time delay it will alert, it also alerts over speeding.

Job/Trip Visibility
Every trip Milestones like Start time, Loading time, Unloading time, Reaching time, Signing time, Finishing time can be tracked Live.

What do my customer see as Track and Trace?
 Your customer can see their Job orders only and they can see ETA (Estimated time of Arrival). They can see all their Job orders in single view and they can see trip by trip also.
Do you provide E-Commerce Tracking also?
 Yes, We do provide. We have a Tracking Mobile App in this package, regular customer can log in to the Mobile App and see their shipments or goods, whereas E Commerce customer need not log in but just type the tracking number and they will know the ETA.
Where will this be hosted?
 Its a small PhP application and you may get a small hosting package like your website. (If more volumes over 150 trips/day then need to discuss with us).
Any small hosting package of PHP/My SQL (LAMP – Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP) is sufficient for small and medium operation.
What all languages it supports?
 So far we have done 7 languages, It will support English + Your local language.
Can I become your partner?
 Yes, Please write to us.