Plan-Deliver-Control-Alert (PDCA Cycle)

  • Plan your daily shipments and deliveries
  • Deliver on time with live milestone stamping
  • Control your Assets & Driver movement
  • Alert your customer with Track and Trace of their goods


  • Order Entry
  • Order Upload (CSV)
  • Upload FIle format configuration
  • Dispatch Trips
  • Dispatch Dashboard
  • Trip Tracking (Live)
  • Movement Tracking (Live)
  • Loading (Time stamp)
  • Un Loading (Time stamp)
  • Delivery Confirmation (Time STamp)
  • Sign on Glass (e-POD)
  • Upload Images and Documents
  • Single Trip Multi drop points
  • Finish Trip (Time stamp)
  • Reached Destination (Button Enables only when the truck arrives around 100 Mts radius)

Key Modules

  • Masters (Web Application)
  • User Roles & Security (Web Application)
  • Configurable Job/Trip Upload file (Web Application)
  • Manual Job/Trip Entry (Web Application)
  • Job/Trip Management status with Events Tracking (Web Application)
  • Customer Track & Trace (Web Application)
  • Driver Mobile Application with e-Attendance (Mobile App)
  • Reports & Analytics with Dashboard view (Web Application)

Features & Benefits

  • Substitutes the conventional GPS Units
  • Provides accurate location, speed, latitude and longitude
  • Guides in providing Route & Navigational assistance
  • Takes picture of your delivered products at drop points
  • Scans bar-code to cross check accuracy
  • Captures customer’s signature by “Signing on Glass” which is a Proof of Delivery (POD)

  • It replaces a Hand held bar-code scanner.
  • Very Cost effective Mobile app with centralized Web application
  • Track and Trace of goods is achieved with High level of accuracy.
  • Quickly integrates with any Transport Management System or any Enterprise Software.
  • Eliminates the cost of GPS equipment and its Surcharges and also provides more benefits.

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